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Horse & Rider Elegant Obstacle Course for Horses in Working Equitation By Sara Tylosky

Working Equitation is a competitive equestrian sport that originated in Portugal, combining elements of classical dressage with practical tasks derived from traditional horsemanship used in working environments such as farms and ranches. It showcases the agility, obedience, and versatility of horses, as well as the skills of their riders. Components include:

Dressage: The dressage phase emphasizes the harmony between horse and rider through a series of prescribed movements executed in a designated arena, highlighting the horse's suppleness, balance, and responsiveness to the rider's aids.

Ease of Handling: Riders navigate a course of obstacles that simulate challenges encountered in everyday work situations, including gates, bridges, poles, and other objects that test the horse's maneuverability, agility, and willingness to work with the rider.

Speed: This part involves completing a shortened version of the obstacle course at a faster pace, emphasizing the horse's ability to maintain control and precision while moving swiftly through the course.

Optional: In some competitions, there may be a cattle handling phase, and in Mexico these techniques are used for bullfighting, where horse and rider demonstrate their ability to work around the bull and/or cattle, and perform other tasks related to working with livestock.

Working Equitation competitions are judged based on criteria such as the horse's obedience, responsiveness, smoothness of movement, and overall presentation, valuing the partnership between horse and rider, as well as the preservation of traditional equestrian skills. Originating in Portugal, Working Equitation has gained popularity internationally, with competitions held in various countries around the world, with a unique and challenging experience for equestrians of all levels, promoting horsemanship, athleticism, and cultural appreciation.

I recently spoke to Diego Louceiro, Equitation expert and promoter of the upcoming event on May 24-26th at Vinedos San Francisco, and asked him about his experiences: “Since Portugal is the birth of this sport, I lived there for some years and had the opportunity to witness several competitions and began to appreciate the beauty of the discipline. In Mexico, I spent time in Monterrey and participated in a contest organized by my brother Pedro Louceiro. From that experience, I was amazed and hooked. The sport has since grown with more enthusiasts participating in the competitions. As a result, we have designed the Mexican Working Horse Riding Circuit in Mexico. This year, the 1st official competition took place at the Iberian Meeting held in Val Quirico. It was a high-class event in which around 60 pairs participated, which speaks to how the discipline is gaining more followers. "

Join us for the next thrilling event on May 24-26 called “Tierra Brava” at Viñedos San Francisco (next to Vinedos San Lucas) Buenavista Km. 26, 37884 San Miguel de Allende. Free admission, pets welcome!

More details: Diego Louceiro

at 81 2321 8450.

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