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Insiders' Sports Corner: Maria Jose Sautto, the Promise of Women's Golf in Mexico

By Carlos Ramírez Zago

María José Sautto Zavala is a young 15-year-old athlete from San Miguel, whose talent stands out on the golf courses, where she is considered a great Mexican promise for this discipline. It was at the age of 9 when María José met what would become her great passion - golf. That was thanks to a cousin of María José who invited her to a golf class, she accepted and from there she fell in love with this beautiful and complicated sport. Following this, she began to train in a more serious way and not so much as a simple hobby, because María José's dream was on the golf courses. Shortly after María José started practicing this sport, she received her first invitation to participate in a couples tournament, and it was there where the real pressure of golf came in and where the fruit of her work and dedication had to come out, because there is not much margin for error in these instances.

It was enough with the first tournament for María José to compete on a daily basis, in such a way that she has competed in tournaments such as the “Gira Zona Centro” (Central Zone Tour), which includes locations such as Celaya, Queretaro, San Luis Potosí, León and Aguascalientes, and has also participated in national competitions in Mexico City, Mazatlán, Queretaro, Guadalajara and Monterrey. As well as in the Amateur Tournament, a tournament where the best amateur players in the country have the opportunity to participate, in addition to the presence of players of different nationalities, which makes it the most important Mexican women's amateur tournament in the Mexican golf circuit.

Precisely this year, was very good for María José, as she took first place in the Central Zone Tour, being first in two stages and being present in practically all the podiums, this placed her in the first place of the tour. Thanks to this result she obtained her pass to the Interzone competition, where teams of 4 (the best four in their group) compete with the whole country.

In her category, María José and her team obtained the second place in the Interzone, which means a great result for the young girl from San Miguel. This in addition to having obtained third place in the national championship in the state of Queretaro. Undoubtedly, the results that María José obtained this year are a reflection of the hard work, dedication, effort and discipline of María José in the sport she loves so much. She dedicates around 16 hours of training a week to golf, which implies a great effort at her young age and where she demonstrates the commitment and passion to fulfill her dreams.

“Golf is what I am passionate about, every day I try to improve myself and advance in order to fulfill my dreams, because this is what I want to dedicate my life to,” said the young San Miguel girl.

María José is very clear about her objectives and goals, as she mentioned that in the short term her objective is to study at a golf university in the United States, to be able to prepare herself in the best way and in the long term to be a professional golfer, to be able to compete in the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) circuit.

For María José, her inspiration and main reference in golf is the legendary Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa, who won 27 victories in the LPGA Tour and is considered number 22 in the list of the 50 best players in history. Due to her great performance, María José had the opportunity to train with her greatest reference, Lorena Ochoa, where she was able to get great advice and undoubtedly, take one of the best experiences and anecdotes in her life and career.

With all this, it should be noted that the promising young María José is from San Miguel de Allende and confessed what it means to represent San Miguel de Allende and Mexico in every competition; “It is something very important for me to be able to teach all of Mexico that from a young age you can be great, that women can be great and that of course we can fulfill our dreams,” concluded María José.

Finally, we must not leave behind the immense effort of her parents and family to go hand in hand with María José, as support and sustenance for her dreams to be fulfilled; “It is a great happiness to see that through her effort and tenacity, she is achieving all her goals” said José Luis Sautto, María José's father.

There is no doubt that San Miguel de Allende has extraordinary people and María José Sautto Zavala is a clear example of this, because we have no doubt that she will accomplish everything she sets out to do and in a certain time we will be able to talk about María José as one of the best golfers in Mexico and the world.

Always follow your dreams María José!

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