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Join the Celebration!

By Meagan Burns

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Cañada de la Virgen, and we’re celebrating the remarkable transformation of the ranch and business through innovative projects in regenerative farming, grass-fed beef production, and the addition of the Casa Agave San Miguel de Allende’s agave project. This agave initiative not only produces the world’s first two regenerative carbon-negative agave spirits, ‘Atzin’ and ‘Mata de Monte’, but also contributes to reforesting the land and hydrating our livestock during these drought-stricken days.

We are celebrating this milestone by offering several of our most popular products at discounted prices for a limited time, which are noted on our website.

Regenerative Farming

Over the past 25 years, and with the efforts of our dedicated team, we have strived to become a local resource for quality food and a model of sustainable agriculture, blending traditional practices with modern ecological principles. Since 2009, we’ve maintained a consistent organic certification, we practice holistic management of livestock and flora without the use of chemicals, and we’ve been focused on improving soil health through rotational management. These approaches have gradually enriched the soil, supporting a diverse range of crops and wildlife. Our efforts boost agricultural productivity and ensure the land's long-term sustainability.

Grass-Fed Beef Production

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our livestock, which has been truly tested through the drought conditions of the past few years. Our cows roam freely and graze on natural pastures, but since natural resources have taken a beating, we fortify the cows with fermented agave silage, sustaining the cattle during these harsh days. Our cattle are grass-fed, grass-finished, and now agave-finished; look for the label.

Agave Farming and Heritage Agave Spirit Production

One of our most exciting recent developments is the introduction of agave farming and local heritage agave spirit production. Agave, native to Mexico, aids in soil regeneration and water conservation. Its deep roots prevent soil erosion and improve water infiltration, making it ideal for arid regions.

Agave cultivation has also provided habitat for wildlife, including the return of wild pumas, proving its ecological benefits. We utilize agave at all stages of its life cycle, especially valuing the piña at its end.

We proudly produce the world’s first regenerative agave spirits, made Guanajuato-style in stone ovens, where the piñas are either steamed or baked, depending on the recipe. Atzin is a 46% ABV traditional ‘mezcal-like’ agave spirit, with a little smoke and an elegant finish. Mata de Monte is a steamed spirit with a smooth light 29% ABV. Both offer a unique local spirit experience and flavors that define the region.

Anniversary Sale

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are offering a special sale on our products, including our premium grass-fed beef, regenerative organ capsules, bone broth, dog treats, atole, hotdogs, bones, beef jerky, tallow balm, herbal teas, cooking spices, and organic seeds. This is a thank you to our loyal customers who have supported us through the years and a way to introduce new customers to the exceptional quality and sustainability of our offerings.

Visit our ranch through our Airbnb’s, host your next private event at our outdoor dining venue, or throw a party featuring our local mezcal. Thank you for 25 years!

Visit their website to shop their products and learn more about their initiatives.

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