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May in San Miguel de Allende Have we ever known such searing temperatures?

Ah, May in San Miguel de Allende, a trial by fire for the resilient souls who remain. The heat seems particularly cruel this year, a new normal that may break us all.

Have we ever known such searing temperatures, or has the passage of time and the sea of chaos dulled our memories? Why didn’t we escape to the beach? Oh right; May is no longer a season for leisurely getaways, it is like all the rest, a marathon of never-ending tasks in an abrasive world that refuses to rest.

Drawing is a good way to detach from the noise, solace can be found in the rhythmic pushing of pen to paper. My drawing practice is a refuge, a sanctuary from the incessant barrage of news that’s engulfed with tales of the criminally insane and unending horrors. So, I power down, pet the doggie, and immerse myself in the quiet art of observation.Each drawing is practice for the next, and each drawing captures a slice of the world around me; it is my medicine, my xanax. Drawing can create a path to the calm amidst the sweltering chaos and this relentless furnace of San Miguel de Allende. Godspeed to all.

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Kathryn Page
Kathryn Page
hace 5 días

The headline on the lead article implied that we were going to read about the temperatures in San Miguel... Is there more to come on that?

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