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Meet April GaydosPresident, Audubon Mexico

When I was a kid and it was time for dinner Mom usually had to call us out of the backyard creek in Portland, Oregon. That was where I spent long and happy hours – there was the cool of the running water, the crawdads, dappled shadow from big trees, bird song…all of it,” said April Gaydos. Those happy memories reflect today in the value of the work done by the organization she leads, Audubon de Mexico in our high desert city and its surroundings.

April arrived to San Miguel in 2010 and by 2014 had become President of Audubon de Mexico, headquartered in San Miguel de Allende, putting her degree in community development and environmental science to use for the good of the community.

April and her husband, Frank Gaydos, a screenwriter, built a home near Otomi with a view of the Presa Allende reservoir. From there she has been able to observe the sad state of the shrinking lake and the current water hyacinth devastation - certainly another personal call-to-action for the president of an organization already dedicated to conserving and improving habitats for birds which in the end, encompasses all life and our shared dependence upon a healthy environment.

Audubon’s efforts are focused on sustaining quality of life in San Miguel, by creating programs that protect our native trees and surface waters, improve our soils and provide habitat for wildlife, while educating and demonstrating actions that everyone can take to address the impacts of growth and climate change in our area. “So many issues to address, but all are interconnected,” April said. “The greatest challenge is getting people involved and changing land-use practices that are no longer viable.”

"I truly believe in the power of people to make a difference.  That's what keeps me going,” commented Gaydos.  Like Margaret Mead said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’ "I've experienced this and believe it to be true.  So, I guess I'm not so much a bird person... I'm a people person working on behalf of all living beings.  That sounds corny...but it’s true for me. And I’m inspired at being able to spend my days working with volunteers to bring our programs to life, whether it be through our Rescatemos la Presa (Rescue our Presa), the Pollinator Habitat Garden at Parque Juarez or our ‘Save Our Trees’ program.”  She is especially inspired working with the children participating in Audubon’s Ninos y Naturaleza program, who are eager to learn all about nature and what they can do to protect it.

Of course, we love to put on our 3rd Saturday of the month bird-walks. It’s a great chance for locals and visitors to get out into the country-side to enjoy and monitor our local and migratory bird populations along the Rio Laja and other sites. Being out in nature is what Audubon offers, all with a good cause.”

So really, if you are calling April for dinner, as her Mom used to call her out of that creek long ago– give her time to get off the lakebed or out of the Pollinator Gardens at Parque Juarez, to wash up and continue the conversation on how locally Audubon de Mexico goes beyond birds in San Miguel, and perhaps tell you what a difference your involvement and support would make. As their theme-line says, ‘Be One With Nature’.

Interview / article by Camie Fenton


Learn more about Audubon Mexico's work and donate at

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