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Music Spotlight Gabriela Espinosa

By Felecia Ford

For my first Spotlight I wanted to feature a San Miguel de Allende born and raised singer, songwriter and producer. Gabriela Espinosa fits all four descriptions plus she is an award-winning singer, winning La Voz México 12 years ago.

Fast forward, Gabriela has years of singing experience that gives her that well drained voice. Her example of “hard work pays off” is bound to show her children what a powerful and determined woman can do when she puts her mind to it; that and in Gabriela’s case, tons of talent.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

F: Gabriela, you have an authenticity to your voice that sends chills down our spines every time. How do you feel when you sing?

G: When I sing, I’m free. I feel freedom. I’m like a fish in water.

F: That’s beautiful imagery. How long have you been singing?

G: Maybe all my life, for sure when I was six years on and as a professional at 15.

F: Do you remember the first song you sang when you were 6?

G: I remember it was La Llorona

F: How many styles of songs do you perform professionally?

G: Let’s see, it would mostly be Música Vernácula, Ranchera, Bolero, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk but with my personality.


F: Are there any recording projects or video releases soon?

G: Yes. I have a project with Sharon Itoi. We play out weekly several times and we each just composed and recorded 2 singles that will be released soon. Also, another ongoing project present and future is with Reno 871 who lives in Guadalajara.

F: There is a beautiful video on YouTube everyone must see. What’s the name of the song?

G: The song is on Spotify as well, it’s called Nada. We are writing more! Also, I have a project with Las Musas this month on June 14th, 5:30pm at El Sindicato.

F: I love that all female band! The last show was so tight and so incredibly moving. Are there any concerts this month our readers should know about?

G: I sing weekly on Tuesdays/Thursdays at the Rosewood, every Saturday at Viñedos San Francisco, then at Sunday brunch at Los Senderos.

F: It is an honor and pleasure to be able to do this interview with you. I hope that it helps our readers get to know you better and make plans to go hear you sing!

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May 31

Well “TRAINED” VOICE my apologies for the typo!

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