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San Miguel Style: Keeping an eye on men's fashion

By Frank Hudson

My first trips to San Miguel I arrived looking like a West Texas Cowboy.  Boots, starched jeans and starched shirt. After a while I realized I did not fit in. I quickly learned that when visiting a cultural and historical destination, it's important to not dress like a tourist but to respect the city's unique style and climate. I have tried to put together a guide to what you might wear and where to shop around town.

What should I wear?

For San Miguel the term I would choose is casual chic. San Miguel is a relaxed, casual town with an artistic flair. Go for casual yet stylish outfits like linen or Mexican shirts, chinos or comfortable jeans, paired with leather sandals or stylish sneakers. Leave the cowboy boots in the closet. In the cooler months, that are most of the year, remember to dress in layers. This is not so important in the scorching days of summer but the weather in other months can vary throughout the day, it’s not always this hot, so it's wise to layer your clothing. Always keep a light jacket or sweater handy for cool evenings or early mornings.

Protect your head from the sun with a stylish hat like a Panama hat or a wide-brimmed fedora. This can also add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. No need to break the budget, when hat salesmen all over the Jardin can provide a stylist hat at a reasonable price. Consider adding local influence to your wardrobe. Think about local handmade shirts or accessories like a hand woven belt, a locally hand tooled leather wallet or traditional Mexican shirt or guayabera.    

Evening wear can be a little bit fancier. For dining out or attending evening events a smart-casual outfits such as tailored pants, a dress shirt, and loafers, or even a blazer for a more formal touch. San Miguel de Allende is known for its vibrant art scene and unique shopping opportunities, including a variety of men's clothing shops. Here are some popular men's clothing stores in San Miguel de Allende where you can find stylish and culturally inspired apparel:

1. Mercado de Artesanías: Centro. Explore this market for unique souvenirs, traditional Mexican clothing, and handcrafted goods.  

2. Galeria Atotonilco:  Camino Antiguo Ferrocarril # 14, Colonia El Cortijo.  This gallery offers a selection of high-quality textiles, clothing, and accessories made by local artisans.  Go for the art with some unique handmade clothing items.

3. Fabrica La Aurora:  A former textile factory turned into an art and design center, Fabrica La Aurora is home to various boutiques offering contemporary and traditional Mexican art, fashion, and decor.

4. Casa Armida: Ancha de San Antonio 26. Located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Casa Armida offers a selection of men's clothing, including casual wear, traditional Mexican attire, and accessories. They specialize in high-quality fabrics and unique designs that reflect the local culture.

5. Abrazos:  Zacateros 24. This boutique specializes in San Miguel style clothing and home wares made from fine cotton textiles, celebrating the most iconic images of Mexican culture known around the world.  Do not go home to the States without one of these shirts.  They are a hallmark of San Miguel de Allende.

6. Casa Baez:   Mesones 76   This store had beautiful men's shirts in the window. This is the place to get that guayabera. The quality of the fabric and the embroidery is excellent!

7. Casa San Miguel:  Recreo 5.  Refined clothing rooted in Latin American traditions, and inspired by contemporary cultures from around the world. What began as a re-creation of the traditional serape is now a compelling assortment of essential layering pieces for discerning global consumers.

These are just a few men's clothing shops I recommend in San Miguel. Exploring the city's streets and markets can lead you to countless more boutiques and shops where you can discover stylish, locally inspired apparel to enhance your wardrobe. Remember to keep your attire comfortable, versatile, and reflective of the vibrant artistic culture of San Miguel de Allende while exploring the city and its many attractions. Enjoy your stylish visit in the heart of Mexico.

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