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Sandi's Pink Hot Picks - The best of night music and entertainment

By Sandi Roy

In the heart of Mexico lies a town pulsating with rhythm and melody, where every cobblestone street seems to echo with the strum of guitars and the beat of drums. San Miguel de Allende is not only a haven for artists but also a sanctuary for musicians, a place where talent flourishes and creativity knows no bounds. What makes San Miguel's music scene truly special is its tight-knit community of musicians. They are more than just performers; they are a family, bound together by their love for music and their shared journey of artistic growth.It's inspiring to witness the evolution of these musicians as they navigate through different genres. Flexibility and versatility are the keys to survival in this musical landscape.

And among these musicians, there are shining stars that bring unique flavors to the mix. Take Yala from the Hot Tamales, for instance, who pays tribute to Chet Baker with such finesse that it feels like Baker himself is in the room. Then there's Pepe, also from the Hot Tamales, who effortlessly switches gears to perform cumbia with Grupo Malo, infusing every beat with infectious energy.

Rafael de la Vega, of the Rabeats, stands out with his soulful voice as he takes center stage, captivating audiences with his solo performances. Meanwhile, Ruben Olvera, the Mavericks' bassist, is the unsung hero who lends his talents to numerous singers, adding depth and groove to their music. But perhaps one of the most astonishing sights is witnessing the maestro violinist David Mendoza expertly playing drums, showcasing his versatility and mastery of multiple instruments. And who would have thought that Liah Alonso, known for her soulful ballads, would effortlessly transition into disco, keeping the dance floor alive and pulsating?

And it's not just about the performances; it's about the camaraderie and support that fill the air. Bands recognize musicians in the audience and call them up on stage to join, leading to endless surprises. Fil Formicola, for instance, can be seen performing with the Hot Tamales one night, Johnny Favourite another night and with Lady Zen the next, seamlessly blending into each ensemble. And who could forget Chuy and Edgar, who bring their magic to Steven Jaymes' performances, at Rain Dog lounge, turning every gig into an unforgettable experience.

Whether you're strolling through the historic center or lounging in a cozy café, you're bound to encounter a melody that speaks to your soul.  Musicians, times and venues can change, so check a local source for entertainment information such as (Thank you Ron Nicodemus for such a fine service to the city.)

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