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‘Hot Off the Press’ FREE by Camie Fenton

One popular movie that features a scene with a newspaper boy shouting this phrase is the film "Citizen Kane" (1941). In the movie, there is a scene where a newspaper boy is shown shouting "Read all about it! Hot off the press!" as he sells newspapers to passersby. This iconic phrase has been used in various movies and TV shows to depict the traditional practice of newspaper distribution and create a sense of urgency and excitement around the latest news. (ChatBox)

Me: Not A.I., just someone trying to get an Insiders’ News FREE new edition into your hands.

Between yesterday and this morning, Lalo Garcia, my distributor of 10 years (Walking & Shopping Guide) and his wife and two adult kids get the newspaper out quickly. We keep them in stock weekly at our advertisers locations (not alphabetized or prioritized). And because ya’ll use your smart phones for locations, please find the locations on that mostly A.I. devise – and most of you local readers know these places anyway (and P.S. please ignore my article on page 6!), and BTW, when we run out – we run out. I don’t print limitless copies as I don’t have limitless advertisers or ‘Friends of the Insiders’ News’ (check out becoming one of those people with Lesley B. Fay!).

The WAREHOUSE by La Finca

La Finca, Vintage/Modern

The Agency, Real Estate

Home Collection Group CDR, Real Estate

EVOS Furniture & Décor

Custom Quality Builders

Marquesa de Mancera

Lander Rodriquez Photo / Design & More

Dr. Jim Starr

Computer Doctor SMA


El Buen Café

Integrative Counseling Service

Amy Rothlin – The Agency

RadioDent, Dental

San Miguel Lifestyles


Also available at:

Fabrica de La Aurora

Biblioteca Publica

Mercado Sano

Tourism office on Jardin

Trina Cantina

Expat Center

Real de Minas Hotel

La Casona

Luna de Queso

Mamá Mía Express

Lolita Restaurant

Arcángeles Bazar

Bananas Restaurant

Marulier Café

Villa Santa Monica

Hotel Matilda

Mansión del Bosque

Rosewood Hotel


Cafe Rama

Hotel La Aldea

Hecho en Mexico

Paprika Restaurant

Cava Sautto

Hotel Ana Catalina

Hotel 1810

Cafe Zenteno

Hotel Cantera

Mamá Mia


Berlín Bar & Restaurant

El Tupinamba Restaurant

Mercado del Carmen

El Pescao

Mía Boutique

Hotel Casa Rosada

(That’s all for now folks!)

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