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A Different Studio Visit: Britt Zaist & Henry Vermillion

By Henry Vermillion

Yes, San Miguel is full of surprises.  Fashion, food, music, and of course, art. But if you love art – art with a different, original, personal flavor, you can´t do better than a visit to the unique studios and gallery of Henry Vermillion and Britt Zaist.

Britt is a superbly talented maker of gestural drawings of pets, flamenco dancers, bullfighters, horses, and singers. Henry is a painter of soccer players, odd people, strange landscapes and Jack Levine-like social commentaries in oil, large and small. (He paints politicians and priests, cowboys and call girls.)Britt also has a limited number of gorgeous abstract ink pours.  She is a Life Member of the Art Students' League of New York.

Britt and Henry were the owners of Galeria Izamal, which they closed in 2021, after 29 years of successful operation in San Miguel.

The couple live and work in a spacious two-level house which they have converted into studio and teaching space and into a gallery with over 200 paintings.

They welcome visitors Mondays,  Wednesday and Fridays from2:00-5:00 pm.

For a visit call/WhatsApp

415 115 5888 or 415 152 6171.

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